DIAMENT Spółka z o. o. (DIAMENT Ltd.) was founded in 1990 as diamond tools producer. The offer includes a wide range of tools and services for many applications:

· grinding wheels for Glass-working Centres (e.g. INTERMAC),
· grinding wheels for flat glass (peripheral and cup-type) for manual and automatic grinding machines,
· grinding wheels of special profiles for thick flat glass (10mm & thicker) for manual grinding machines and automatic glass- working centres (CNC).
· grinding wheels and diamond core drills for automotive glass,
· continuous rim and segmented diamond saws (60 – 500 mm diameter) for cutting crystal, domestic, lighting glass as well as stone, ceramics and refractories,
· grinding wheels for decorative glass (lead crystal & sodium),
· diamond core drills for manual and automatic drilling machines (incl. multi-spindle drilling machines),
· drills, mills and reamers,
· grinding wheels for optical glass,
· diamond points,
· polishing wheels for flat glass edges,
· ceramic stones for dressing of diamond tools,
· reprofiling of diamond tools.
Owing to its own successful technology, strict observing of technological process regulations and applied quality control procedures DIAMENT Sp. z o. o. is able to offer high quality diamond tools what is also proved by having the ISO 9001:2000 certificate. The activity of DIAMENT Sp. z o. o. is compatibile with Quality Management System rules and it rises to constant improvement of technological process, development of modern machinery equipment and increase of customers’ quantity in Poland and abroad.
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DIAMENT Sp. z o. o.
ul. Budowlana 17
PL 88-100 Inowroclaw